What Is Expandable Polystyrene?

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Foam plastic is very common in our life at ordinary times a substance that take once we use disposable lunch box, it is to use foam production.
However, due to food safety issues, the government does not advocate the use of this type of lunch boxes.Its application is very extensive, the reason that people against the use of foam plastic is that itself contains chemicals whichl called expandable polystyrene, this term for many more strange, so I will make a introduction of expandable polystyrene foamed plastic.

Expandable polystyrene is extracted by the germans found material, belongs to thermoplastic plastics, it is colorless transparent.Still in the early years, disposable foam boxes is rampant, the white one-off white foam lunch boxes using expandable polystyrene as raw material, added to the human body harmful substances - free monomer styrene, is not environmental protection, and to the environment in 2001 banned, so we also rare to material of disposable lunch box now.

However, ordinary expandable polystyrene is a non-toxic material, the earliest time it was extracted in the natural resin, now often be processing production into expandable polystyrene foam plastic, the current production and processing of disposable lunch box of environmental protection also have the participation of expandable polystyrene, it is high temperature resistant, very suitable for the food, processing boxes except can put in the refrigerator in the microwave.The environmental protection plastic lunch box is mainly contain ingredients of polypropylene and expandable polystyrene.

In addition to ordinary expandable polystyrene, expandable polystyrene foamed expandable polystyrene, high impact expandable polystyrene and syndiotactic expandable polystyrene.Although colorless, transparent, but ordinary expandable polystyrene in machining process can be optional chromatically, convenient processing and forming, very suitable for the era of mass industrial production.Polystyrene plastic particles in the application of life really is very extensive.Catering, decoration and other fields is very dependent on it, first of all, it has excellent water resistance, insulation and insulation, the second reason is its low price,easy to take shape.The world is also greater demand for expandable polystyrene.Expandable polystyrene plastic particles, however, most are disposable, and it is precious nonrenewable resources, it cannot be corrupted or, after use discarded caused serious burden to the environment.

What are the advantages of expandable polystyrene?Expandable Polystyrene foam plastics is a kind of buffer material, so far, in the market, its usage is the highest.And it closed pore structure design for water imbibition of itself is reduced, have excellent water resistance.Not only that, expandable polystyrene foam density is small, so easy to processing, molding, forming, and its nature is better, can very good to adapt to the temperature.Due to its structure is more uniform, so in some external wall thermal insulation system, its share is relatively high.
Common processed polystyrene foam insulation board, this is a kind of insulation material, it is through the fire prevention requirements are divided into B1, B2, simple identification method is: take small kind foam insulation board, light after observation, white ash for B1 level, and the ash is generated by the B2 black.Expandable polystyrene foam insulation board with good heat insulation and the compressive performance of anticorrosive moistureproof, people are often used to heat preservation packaging, etc.

Although expandable polystyrene foam is good, but after it burns,polystyrene chemicals will be produced,which will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, after use, we also need to know how to recycle and deal with.
First, granulation.After melt processing,expandable polystyrene foamed plastic extrusion granulation, the granulation can be made into regeneration granulation.But it also has some disadvantages, because the volume of granulation is bigger, so buy transport process, it needs to pass reduction for recycle.
Second, do the packing.After smashing expandable polystyrene foam plastics processing, can be used for packing, such as making some foam plastic products, can directly use.Or on concrete composite panels, can also be added, as some plaster sandwich brick will use it for packing.At the same time, it can also be used as a modifier of asphalt strengthening agent and soil.
Three, do coating.After crushing the styrofoam, can add some additives can be made into the paint, or in some cases, you can also use it as a bonding agent.In some household appliances or frozen food packaging, we can see the use of expandable polystyrene foamed plastic.

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